This track calls out the money changers within the churches and organizations across all religions and and non-denominational aspects of past and present forms of Christianity and also others whom use God or “Gods” to profit from those who are seeking guidance in life as they are attempting to place meaning within it. Here we are speaking from the point of view of a person who has recently become awaken to the fraud produced by the twisted doctrine these people spread. They see the blackness before them as it is calling their name from the pulpits and temples of the profane, while they gaze upon the false prophets, teachers and priests that dance with thier god of materialistic greed and are guilty of using God as a form of business.

Symphony of the Flesh God Lyrics:

140 bpm in D# Standard

Tear apart the sage and burn the witch
Preach the fear of god in your filth – becoming rich
Lined in gold you twist the words of god
Succumb to the flesh and drink its crimson blood

You all dance
To the Symphony of the flesh God
Sin be your name
Take his name in vain

I can see
The blackness before me
Calling my name
From the pulpits of the profane

Twist your body and lurch in dark spirit
Profit from the slaughtered Lamb of God – in his face you spit
prophesize to the blind sheep as your words spew forth
become an unholy man of god – while holding Satan’s torch

You all sway
To the Symphony of the flesh God
lust be your name
The devils heart you cannot tame

I can see
The blackness before me
Calling my name
From the temples of the profane