Order of Eternal Night


Ordo Aeterna Noctis was founded to be multifunctional circles. These circles are built upon on degrees one can achieve within its ranks. Most people will not venture past the first degree and our circle as this is reserved to function as the fan group for the musical project Temple of Perdition. However, the order is not exclusively tied to the music project but rather the musical project is the voice of the order within that format.

The order itself is a fully functional esoteric order based on what is being called the middle path. Rather than leaning far left and or far right as paths go the middle path finds a balance between the two to create a full balance between the light and the dark. It the observation that if a person falls within either side of the light spectrum then a true balance of self, spirit or mind cannot be achieved. A true master is master of both the thoughtful light and the thoughtless light and or black flame.

We are adept within the 218 current but a modified version of it that fits a more balanced path rather than pop-culture and archetypes using the unnecessary dark and or evil imagery. We do not believe the usage of Satan and or other pagan Gods that were demonized by a church to be valid forms of accurate depictions of the current. However, we do understand the power one can hold while using them as reflections of the self and to hone in the properties of the use of such images, yet we choose not to use them due to their limits. We see that a true master does not need archetypes as a true master knows themselves where these things are no longer valid. Archetypes are great for beginners who need a tool to envision the fantasy for the direction of the self. A true master understands and has the wisdom of both the light and dark self that these archetypes become redundant and or just get in the way of mental understanding of the true nature of the self.

Within the 218 Current which is based on Kabbalah, the current system suggests a pantheon of made-up Gods, for instance, the usage of Satan as a being. The historic research suggests that this word was never meant to be a name for an entity but rather to be used in its proper form as “accuser”. This would mean that a human who accuses another is literally that persons Satan. Biblically, the word Ha-Satan is used in many formats in this way, but never as a name for a fallen angel. Satan is purely pop-culture and those who worship and or admire this word is simply using the system of which the churches created and no better than which they claim to hate. We reject all notions of pop-culture doctrine and stick to the fundamentals and essence of research from the sages and magi that came before us. We also recognize that even within these systems, a personal agenda and bias play a role based on the writer’s point of view. We have taken great strides to filter out these things and formulate an unbiased point of view regardless of our environmental influences. This also reflects our view of the tree of life where “God” is the head of the sephirot. We reject the terms of the common man and see things for what they truly are. “God” is a feeble attempt of man put their reflection and understanding of something that cannot be understood. We use the terms which to us is the best defining way of this attempt as “Infinite living mind”, “Sophia” or simply “The All”.

We see the 281 Current within its complete form both using the tree of life and the shells of it to explore and gain the wisdom from them both. We do recognize the natures of each sphere and the creative and or destructive nature both sides of the tree. We view the trees as a construct which many pearls of wisdom derived from. From the standpoint of humanity, the Trees reflect the conscious and unconscious mind of the self. In the traditional sense, current 218 contains 11 heads of what is call Azerate. Where there are 10 spheres or shell and one being that of the twin gods which makes 11. However, we reject the twin gods as it contains Satan and Moloch as being those twins. Yet, we can still use the number for the 11 heads if we factor in Da’at as the 11th hidden sphere which flows through both trees and combines them into one balance. This leads to the middle path. Da’at being that path between the hierarchies of the two trees.

The middle path is not anti-anything. We believe that there is a place for everything as it was manifested. We have the wisdom of what these are and their place within the world. As we have the wisdom to see that these systems are the creation and manifestation of the Will which created a very real world to the beholder. This meaning that the creators of Jesus Christ being in the form of the idea and concept honestly believe the reality of this God and to them, He is very real and working in their lives. To define what reality is the best we can is the acceptance of many people agreeing that the idea of manifestation is real. Hence then it is real. The reality in itself is subjective. This is shown that to many Jesus Christ is not a reality so, therefore, not affect within their lives. This all being the direct influence of the spheres with the trees. Man is made in” Gods” image holds this axiom in simple terms. We can create worlds and realities just like the divine nature of the ALL. Nature creates and destroys it is not good nor evil. This aspect is shown within the middle path as YHVH and HVYH. The thoughtful creative light and the Thoughtless light, or the conscious and unconscious mind of the absolute. For all is mind and the universe is mental. We are mind and we are mental.