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ToP is producing dark, heavy and intense black metal with lyrical content to evoke deep thinking and wonder.

Kelly Tee - The Metal Review

Best Extreme Metal Album of the Year 2018

Metal Mofos -

This is a great piece of art my friend! Congrats. Really dark and abysmal. I like it a lot.

Sakis Tolis - Rotting Christ

Temple of Perdition

Amid the arid expanses of modern secularism and evangelical corruption arises Temple of Perdition. Witness melodic black/death hymns saturated in warm but dark and heavy ecclesiastical aesthetics, grandiose movements of cathedralic instrumentation, and a litany of vocal techniques. Witness the casting down of decadent and materialistic agendas, the exploration of the trials and wonders of the inner world, and the ultimate expression ego-dissolution toward ascension. Witness this glorious, epic, blackened creation, which defies common definitions and trends, and which and transcends the usual dichotomies of reason and matter. Witness the Temple of Perdition. – Ave Ordo Aeternum Noctis

Temple of Perdition is a blackened gothic metal project created by Ya’akov Nahash in Houston Texas in year 2017. With the support of Ronny Hanielsen of Norway on lead vocals and Corey Sorrenti of Las Vegas on Bass they perfect a new sub genre of extreme metal.

Temples sound is unique and carries with it a huge epic atmospheric sound. It really can not be fit into one type of genre as the break all the molds in each one. Their controversial lyrics hammer at many topics such as the corrupt church and religions, depression, the struggle between God and man, Kabbalah and Qliphoth.

In July 2018, their debut-album Tetragrammaton was release through VOG Records to worldwide with anticipation. While diving into the realms of gothic blacken metal that successfully marries beauty and the beast in dark ritualistic fashion, they created something new and fresh and their own.  Reviews are very positive, mentioning an additional vibe of doom and death metal.

Tetragrammaton– Temple of perdition has managed to bring a variety of other styles and sounds into a mix with the heaviness and of doom, gothic, symphonic, and atmospheric blacken metal while creating a soundscape with many layers and many twists and turns that keep the listener interested. The result is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over without becoming bored.

Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ being acquainted with the projects founder (Yaakov) guest spotted on their debut track The Last Temptation.

Homage to the Dead Ep – This EP brought more completed sound that was created from the emotional mire of Yaakov. This EP will be tied into the release Inheritance of lies that will be set for full album release in December of 2019.

Temple of Perdition is currently unsigned and Independent.